The Safety Hubs Range of Polarised Specs are of the highest quality. 

Both Scope and Bolle use a injection moulded Polycarbonate polarised lens, making it last longer whilst also providing excellent glare protection and colour definition. 

Polarised protection is perfect for anyone dealing in a high glare situation such as roofing to fishing.

All of The Safety Hubs Polarised Len's are Industry Approved: AS/NZS 1337.1


Polarised Specs

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Thug Polarised Spec
Streetwalker Polarised Spec
Streetwalker Polarised Spec
Striker Polarised Spec
Striker Polarised Spec
Bolle Hurricane Polarised Spec
Bolle Voodoo Polarised Spec
Bolle Sidewinder Polarised Spec

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